Hi there! I’m Shinjini, and I’m a bookworm.

My love affair with books started at a rather tender age. Since then, I haven’t been able to step into a bookstore without walking out with at least one book!

My friends always want to know what I’m reading and constantly ask me for recommendations. When one of them suggested I host a reading challenge, I jumped at the idea. I like nothing better than fostering the reading habit, encouraging people to read widely, and eschewing bookish snobbery. {Though I do draw the line at Indian author Chetan Bhagat and his ilk. Sorry, not sorry!}

That’s where the Book Bingo reading challenge was born.

And this newsletter is a spin-off from that challenge.

So just what is The Reader’s Nook?

It’s a simple, monthly bookish newsletter, where I send book recommendations based on the year’s Book Bingo prompts, and tell you about the books I read during the month and the ones that are on my wish list. You should probably know that I read almost anything and everything: fiction, non-fiction, the eagerly anticipated and the lesser known, the new, the old, and the oversaturated.

I’ll also include a round-up of things I’m watching and loving, a poem that I particularly loved, and, perhaps, some bookish quotes.

From time to time, I will also surprise you with a bookish deep dive on a book that captured my attention. Think quotes, curated author interviews, articles, and reviews from around the internet.

Why subscribe?

For the love of books and reading! Because you know you want book recommendations + snippets and reflections from the books I’m reading so you can find your next read!

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P.S.: Wondering what the Book Bingo Challenge is? Click here for details.

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A monthly bookish newsletter, with recommendations based on the year’s Book Bingo prompts, a round-up of the books I read during the month and the ones that are on my wish list. Also included are sweet extras - poems, bookish quotes, deep dives & more!


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